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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Star City regrets to report Laika has temporarily lost contact and is floating in space (translation - we're going on hiatus).

In the meantime, please send all prospective writing to darrananderson1 (at), where it will be considered for those glorious heroes of the People's Republics 3:AM Magazine and Dogmatika.

Спасибо !

Friday, November 17, 2006

Laika Poetry Review Issue 3

  • Laika Poetry Review Issue Three

  • Featuring writing from Michael Internicola, Maurice Oliver, Woodie Sinclair Stephenson, Richard Fein, Alison Ross, Julian Haladyn, Eamonn Stewart, Nicholas Grider, Ray Succre, Corey Mesler, Papa Osmubal, Sean Kilpatrick, Noelle Levy and MTC Cronin.

    Laika Poetry Review Issue 2

  • Laika Poetry Review Issue Two

  • Featuring writing from Etheridge Knight, Paul A. Toth, Chris Gilpin, Ryan Lees, H G von Paulis, Ace Boggess, Mark Young, Adam Jeffries Schwartz, Tom Hamilton, John Grey and Gary Lehmann as well as a study of the literary outlaw Ambrose Bierce.

    Laika Poetry Review Issue 1

    Laika Poetry Review Issue 1

    - Featuring work from Tom Leonard, Rennie Sparks, A.D.Winans, Alex Galper, Adam Jeffries Schwartz, Colin Dardis, Corey Mesler, Ryan Bird and Jakob Van Hoddis.