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Friday, December 16, 2005

Brooklyn Siberia by Alex Galper

I live in Siberia

In the very heart of Southern Brooklyn

In the mornings people flock to the taiga of Wall Street

Returning in the evening barely alive, frozen, stock-bitten,

Bleeding from computer-bug wounds

Some disappear forever

Mauled to death by the bears of big corporations

Or buy houses in New Jersey

In the spring I see their corpses

Inviting me to follow the same path

From the pages of respectable publications.

Born in Kiev, Ukraine Alex Galper came to America at the age of 20. In 1996, he graduated from Brooklyn College majoring in Creative Writing (his professor was Allen Ginsberg). His work has appeared in many Russian publications whilst his collection “Rybnyi den’” (Fish De Jour) has been published by the Koja Press. His writing has been translated from Russian with the assistance of his friends Igor Satanovsky and Mike Magazinnik. More details can be found at the Koja website, which is dedicated to the exploration of the Russian-American avant-garde crossroads.

Copyright Alex Galper 2005