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Friday, December 16, 2005

Two Little Words by Adam Jeffries Schwartz

My mother practised a kind of Chinese Communism; you
Will agree with the state (meaning her) or you will be re-educated.

In one memorable twenty-four hour period in June 1974
The issue was washcloths: blue or yellow (camp
Colours). I was ten years old and wasn’t going to use either colour.

To great effect my mother used: sleep deprivation,
Bright lights, loud noises, good cop/bad cop and repetition.

There were two little words that never came up:
Drinking and problem.

Adam Jeffries Schwartz
--a two time nominee for the 2005 Pushcart Prize-- is a writer and a traveller. He has stories, essays & poems in: Descant, Grimm, Jacaranda & Bleach Magazines. Online he pops up at many sites, including: Mosaic Minds, Melange, Ghoti (Fish), Litbits & Caprice. This year he's in Asia.

Copyright Adam Jeffries Schwartz 2005