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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Bad Man From Boolie

“Here I am again…
I weigh a ton and when I walk the earth shakes.
Give me room and I’ll whip an army.
I’m a blizzard from Bitter Creek.
I can dive deeper and come up drier
than any man in 40 counties.
I’m a sandstorm inside a whirlwind.
I was born in a powderhouse and raised in a gun factory.
I’m bad from the bottom up
and clear grit plumb through.
I’m chief of Murdertown.
Don’t all speak at once or I’ll turn loose
and scatter death and destruction
full bent for the next election.”
The Bad Man From Boolie

The Bad Man From Boolie was a fearsome cowboy who’d entertain his victims with this oration before dispatching them from this world.

"A Triple Execution at Juarez, Mexico" image (1916) is from the National Archives and Records Administration.