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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Seekless - HG von Paulis

The spell-checker said "Seekless" wasn't a word;
I don't give a damn; I say
it is-and who's to contradict me; have they
forgotten how language was made? some
jerk made a grunt and then another picked it up; and
they all agreed that it meant "mastodon"; and they all
ate well that night, and so they
       started naming other things,
and it went on like that, until
now we have a such a proliferation of
 bullshit that
  we're likely to
   drown in it.

Bio: I will resist here the urge to list all of my many accomplishments in literature and prose, and simply tell those who would care to know such things that I was born to the planet earth near LA, California and live there now and don't like using the word 'I' any more than you probably like reading it. My hobbies are women, eating and women; in that order. I am presently on a diet; and have married well, so that should handle that.
“Boxer Rebellion" image (1900) is from the National Archives and Records Administration.