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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lesson - Papa Osmubal


“One dies of excessive salt intake;
one of deficiency of it;
and one of not having afforded to buy it.
Life is a tricky game
where even the fittest lose,” he said.

How can such a fool say that?
He turned to be a philosopher
after losing his job at a textile factory.
Whiskey is now his water,
started reading Kafka
and he does not sleep at night.

Papa Osmubal writes from Macao, South China. He is currently completing his MA in English Studies at the University of Macau. His works, both visual and literary, have found home in various places, hardcopy and online, more recently in Kookamonga Square, Modern Drunkard Magazine, Sentence, foam:e, Smokebox, LitChaos, Wire Sandwich, Alba, Admit Two, Word Riot, Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry, Ygdrasil, Chick Flicks, The Seeker: A Glasgow Literary Review, MadPoetry, Out of Order, Pemmican, 63 Channels, Rattle, The Journal, The Green Silk Journal, Poor Mojo's Almanac(k), and others.