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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Monsters And Fossils - Julian Haladyn

Monsters and Fossils.

Gravel driveways were our prime archaeological sites
categorizing the absence of small creatures
captured in the side of stones
embossed into the grey matter
presumably through some photo-mechanical process

Whole images were hard to come by
scary little buggers with weird looking outer membranes
monsters of sorts that could not harm children
casting shadows deep into their own forms

With the proliferation of paving in our neighbourhood
excavations were postponed or cancelled
these monsters allowed to live on in the void
folded between temporal logic and children
burning their summer feet

Julian Haladyn is an interdisciplinary writer and artist. His poems and short stories have appeared in elimae, ´a·pos·tro·phe, Jones Av., and a collection titled Grubstreet 2001-2002: Standing Room Only (Huron Literary Society, 2002). He has also published collaborative critical articles and reviews with Miriam Jordan in Parachute, C Magazine, On Site Review, and an essay in an upcoming collection titled Ready Made: Film Remakes in Postmodern Times (Costa and Nolan, 2005).