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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Scotty Twilight - Michael Internicola

Scotty Twilight

scott is 27 and an alcoholic. he drinks
ten plus kettle rocks a night and is a
shitty tipper. he sits alone and makes
strange noises. gets so drunk he calls
me an asshole and laughs. sometimes
he falls off the chair and i pick him up,
"it eases the pain."-he tells me. last night
he fell asleep on the bar and i had to wake
him up. i got the money out of his wallet
and paid the bill. gave myself a twenty
dollar tip. i walked him to the door and
he fell again next to a dog taking a shit.
i picked him up and brushed him off best
i could. he stood against the window for
ten minutes. he said he was miserable. i told
him he was what he was and i locked the
door behind me. scott wound up at the wrong
apartment banging on the door. the guy who
lived there opened it up, punched him in the face
and called the cops. scotty twilight spent the
night at st. vincent's. i only serve him light
beer from now on.

Michael Internicola