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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Shit Jobs - Michael Internicola

Shit Jobs.

tito was a bad drunk. wore designer
clothes mostly and drugged his girlfriend,
now his wife and mother of his child,
to sleep just to get her off his back.
he worked for viacom selling something.
he was a salesman. he had side action and
wished he was an actor. i met him through
that asshole jerry i used to work with. that
fuckers old lady left a message that she was
moving out. he never got it. last sunday he
was sitting on a chair smoking a j watching
the game when she showed up with her
parents and a moving truck. poor son of a
bitch. he says he's a writer but he sells ad
space for some skin mag. neither one of them
are what i would call a friend.

Michael Internicola is the author of four novels, KISS ME BABY SUNFLOWERS!,CHAZ, ALL OUR SKIES ARE BLUE and AS RIGHT AS RAIN. His work has appeared inThieves Jargon, Zygote In My Coffee, Smokebox and many other magazines. He lives in Key West, Florida.