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Saturday, November 04, 2006

We Two - Alison Ross

We Two

We two
move backwards in time
receding towards oceans
dripping magic curses from our tongues
and spilling flowers from our mouths

We two
rearrange the alphabet
dismantling vowels into hieroglyphics of sound
speaking multi-colored syllables
and bleeding language from our eyes

We two
scatter numbers to the wind
decorating the sky with an arithmetic of stars
smashing the clouds into silent symbols
and making shapes from the wind

We two
swim in reverse seas
speak strange syllables
and subtract the stars
from the geometries of wind

Alison Ross venerates verse. She has published poetry in Cerebral Catalyst, A Little Poetry, Muse Apprentice Guild, Mad Swirl, and Nova Express. She also praises political polemics, writing regular radical "rants" for Democracy Means You. She has published similar tirades in Exquisite Corpse, Democracy Underground, and Creative Loafing, among other publications. She can be reached by e-mail at